google doodle 2014 winner

This is AMAZING. I opened up my browser and was immediately wowed by the amazing dozens of details and just how well thought out this “doodle” was! When I read the whole article by Google, I was blown away (and okay, I admit it, a little jealous). This stunning work was done by a 11 year old girl by the name of Audrey Zhang from New York. Dude, when I was 11 I was still drawing girls with circle heads and trapezoid skirts. And she’s already so conscientious of the environment. I…am ashamed to say that at that age, I was still wondering about how many books I could get my mom to buy me at the next visit to the bookstore. The environment? Let’s just say that those thoughts were pretty far from my head. I expect that we’ll be hearing more amazing things about amazing kids nowadays. (And is it me, or did I really overuse amazing in this post? I need to study a thesaurus more often…)